Bliss-Tel Public Company Limited conducts its activities under the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s code of ethics and good corporate governance. Furthermore, the Company is fully aware that for a business to be successful and prosperous, it has to be mindful of all the different aspects of business, including social and environmental responsibilities. The committee and company management therefore, have specified 3 main policies concerning social responsibility and conduct as follows.

1) Business conduct in a justifiable and moral manner

As out business conducts and activities involve a number of stakeholders, both directly and indirectly, such as shareholders, staff, trading partners, customers, as well as the communities within the vicinity of the company’s projects, therefore the committee has stipulated a set of clear and justified and fair policy regulations for interaction with all involved parties, as well as taking into consideration the impact upon stakeholders, both inside and outside the organization. This is considered to be the company’s standard for social responsibility, which is documented within the company’s code of ethics. Furthermore, to ensure transparency, the company will publish such progress in accordance to the aforementioned policies, and promote the staff to comply with the policies, including create documentation and publishing such documents to the public.

2) Anti-corruption

Anti-corruption is one of the company’s main policies regarding social responsibility. The company believes that business conduct without corruption will enhance confidence and trust in stakeholders and lead to long run business and organizational prosperity. Because corruption can occur through various channels and work process, whether during business conduct with the private or public sectors, therefore to prevent such problems the committee and company management have set the following preventive regulations : The company have widely published its anticorruption policies to management, staff, and stakeholders, to notify and reinforce the fact that all parties involved with the company are expected to go about each of their work process in a manner which strictly complies with the law. In the occurrence of a mistake, whether intentionally or unintentionally due to carelessness, those who are guilty will be prosecuted and punished in accordance to the law. The company will not assist them in any way. The company has established channels to vice complains and report any evidence of wrong doing in case anyone witnessed any corrupted activities as well as providing protection for those who filed the complaints/reports.

3) Environmental Protection

The Company realizes the importance of the integrated social responsibility policy with business strategies (CSR-in-Process) by willing to adjust CSR practice to be in harmony with social and economic situations including the direction to drive CSR of new business enterprises of national and international level. This has been expressed in many places including
28 April 2015 cabinet resolution, or 17 Sustainable Development Goals initiated by United Nation to be a sustainable development
framework from now to year 2030. This is a global issue on development next to Millennium Development Goals – MGSs which
ended in 2015 already.